We pride ourselves on bringing great baby gifts into the world. So, for more than 15 years, we’ve been doing it “The Wry Baby Way.” When we founded our company, there really weren’t many fun baby gifts out there to choose from. So we asked ourselves what could be practical for a new baby, be affordable for new parents, and fun for everyone involved (even us!)? That’s when the Wry Baby Snapsuit™ became a twinkle in our eyes.

Most people are familiar with the word "Onesie". Typically, a "Onesie" is an inexpensive undergarment that’s often layered under other baby clothing. But at Wry Baby we thought, let's create a better baby bodysuit that has the same quality fabric and fit of your favorite T-shirt, plus the convenience of three snaps for easy diaper changing. Add some top-notch graphic and VOILA! – We created a garment we called a “Snapsuit™.”

Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about making Snapsuits. And we do mean making them! There are plenty of cheap, stock garments that wholesalers resell to anyone who wants to print on them. But those simply aren’t good enough for us. So what makes a Wry Baby Snapsuit special? Let’s get into the design details.

First of all, we only use premium quality cotton, trims and threads. The fabric is just the right weight for a baby… not too heavy and not too thin. Just like your favorite T-shirt! And frankly, it feels like a quality gift, not a cheap out. Our seams are double stitched and our edges are finished. Our trims have just the right amount of Lycra in them so the neck and leg openings don’t lose shape after washing, and washing and washing. (Oh yes, with a new baby, there is going to be a lot of washing!) The neck label is satin soft. We even order our snaps to match the exact PMS color of our garments. And of course, we test our Snapsuits in accordance with all CPSIA safety requirements.

Ready to talk graphics? This is also a big deal for us. Wry Baby Snapsuit graphics have a few simple rules:

   1. It has to be funny. Not crude. Not rude. Funny.
   2. Don’t even try to talk us into saving money by using heat transfers. YUK!

    Our Snapsuits are silk screened, by hand, in North Carolina by real North Carolinians. What’s the difference? Think of your favorite t-shirt after it’s been worn a few hundred times. The inks stay put, becoming soft and part of the fabric. A heat transfer feels like a big piece of plastic across your chest, and it makes you sweat. We’re just not going to put something like that onto a baby!

       3. Good design is paramount.

    Even if the design is all type, you can be sure we’ve agonized over the font and the kerning. Our sense of design truly sets us apart from other brands.

    Extra Credit, Anyone? We like to do lots of extra credit. Right down to the funny washing instructions. And when you order a gift from wrybaby.com, it comes nicely wrapped in tissue paper along with a gift message and a return thank you card that’s pre-addressed so new moms and dads don’t have to lift a sleep-deprived finger to say thanks! It’s the perfect baby shower gift for under $20.