Back to School. Yes, the three little words that speak volumes! For parents, it means a little bit of sanity. A routine. It means enjoying a cup of coffee from first sip to last drop in sweet, quiet solitude. For the little nuggets, it’s all about seeing old (well, as old as they can be) friends, making some new ones, and getting to know their new heroes (teachers).  

The anticipation of going back to school is really the best part (for everyone). About two weeks before the first day of school, I start daydreaming about motoring through the kid drop-off in my flannel pajamas, turning around and going straight back to bed for an extra hour of shut-eye. Hey, a mother can dream! I also think about cutting little sandwiches into crustless triangles. Making cheese art! And hiding desert under the carrot sticks. Kids on the other hand, usually warm up to the idea of classroom reentry when they get to pick out a new backpack, colored pencils, cute little erasers, a lunch box and new school clothes. I’ve learned from my son that choosing between blue or red tennis shoes can be a significant, life-altering decision!

Backpacks were always my very favorite back to school item. And that’s why I just couldn’t resist making these fun kid backpacks. There’s smart little robot backpack, a bright circuselephant backpack, a scalawag pirate backpack, and (of course) a wise owl backpack. Wearing one of these little buddies means you’ve already got a friend! Wry Baby backpacks are perfect for preschool through about second grade. They hold a smattering of small books, art supplies, snacks and even a drink. We designed them with a nice rounded top (no sharp corners) and an easy to pull zipper. Each backpack also features padded, adjustable straps, a cleverly marked water bottle pocket (the pocket on the pirate backpack is our favorite), easy-to-wipe-clean fabric, and a nametag on the inside of the bag. And just like your little kittle, they’re fun and unique.

So why have an imaginary friend when you carry around a real one? Exactly. And if you really want to have fun, take a sneak peek inside their backpack once in a while and look to see what your nugget’s must-carry-everywhere items are. A handful of found rocks? A prized marble? Maybe a whole bunch of blue crayons. Hopefully, you won’t find yesterday’s triangle sandwiches!