There’s a good chance that if you aren't yet a baby-maker, attending a baby shower makes you a little uncomfortable. And with good reason! There are all kinds of "P" words being tossed around, ridiculous games that require you act like a teenager from the 1950’s, and horror stories about epidurals and episiotomies gone wrong. Well I’m here to tell you that you are not alone friend. The reason I even started my company, Wry Baby, was because I had to participate in the most uncomfortable baby shower ever. My own!

I felt so badly for my mostly single, not-yet-procreating friends who knew little about babies, what to buy for one, or what to talk about in anticipation of its arrival. Nobody had a clue, including me. After all, I had only just learned to change a diaper on a practice doll the week prior in my birthing class. In fact, the only thing I knew going into the party was that I was wearing a cute maternity dress, and that I hoped this shindig wouldn’t drag on too long as my back was killing me. Little did I know my Baby Shower Disaster would give me the idea to found a company that makes giving and receiving baby shower gifts fun for everyone.

Let me share with you 5 Tips to Avoiding
a Baby Shower Gift Disaster.

  1.  Avoid HOT BUTTON baby gifts. These include things like Co-Sleepers, Baby Carriers, Cloth Diapers, Baby Formula and Bottles, which could all instigate a ‘Battle of the Beliefs’ among mothers.

  2. Do not use the space in a greeting card to gloat about how your friend’s life is now over. She’ll find that out all on her own!

  3. Avoid Nursery Décor items. Chances are, your friend has been acting on her nesting instinct for the past few months and has already brought her nursery dream-board to life. Gifting a giraffe crib bumper might clash with her butterfly theme, if you know what I mean.

  4. Do not wait until the morning of the Baby Shower to buy your gift.  If you do, you may be forced to show up with a Disney-themed layette set or wildly overpriced baby blanket. Neither of which reflects your best intentions or your budget.

  5. Don’t just go by the registry. Diapers are practical, but try to add some fun, originality and flare to your gift! A fun Snapsuit, a first year baby journal, a baby t-shirt that will predict junior’s future... these are all gifts that will get a big laugh and make you a gift guru!

Finally, relax and have a great time. Sure, the games may be silly but the company is special. Use this time to take a peek into the world of parenthood and just know that your friendship and support is very much appreciated!