Mysterio Reveals All (Updates)!

There are great changes afoot! We've gathered 7 years of input and have given Mysterio the biggest update of his career! We think you'll be grateful for them all (if not totally amazed)!


Mysterio's secret is now safe! Remember how you used to be able to open Mysterio's packaging by just pulling a string? Well now you'll need a pair of scissors, because the package is sewn shut!

Want Mysterio hanging around your store? We added some extra space and an antique brass grommet to the top of Mysterio's packaging. So now you have the option of hanging it on a peg as well as laying it in the deluxe wood crate. Mysterio looks great wherever it is!

Bigger is better! Mysterio is now sized to fit babies 0-12 months old. This is better because we've just doubled the number of babies who can have the Mysterio experience!

Mysterio's predictions...GUARANTEED! The most amazing news we saved for last. Mysterio is offering a money back guarantee on every one of his predictions. That's right. Every package contains a large "certificate of guarantee". We won't spoil the surprise for you, but we WILL tell you that Mysterio will only refund your customer's money if after 73 years the baby does not fulfill his/her destiny. Of course, there's an AWFUL lot of legal involved as well. A hilarious addition to an already hilarious baby shower gift.

Why is there a limited supply!? We ran out of the old Mysterio style and flew in what we thought was a good amount of updated units. Turns out there was an unexpected demand and now that shipment is half reserved. The full shipment comes on November 15, 2014. So if you need Mysterio for the holidays, come and get him while he's here!