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Activity | Halloween Candy Catcher

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 How We Describe our Halloween Candy Catcher.

"Dave and I conjured up this family Halloween tradition way back in 2004. OMG, it's the funnest! 

Halloween creeps are always unprepared for Halloween. They're just too busy being awful all year instead of organized. So in their rush to fly all that candy and all those decorations where they need to be, they tend drop some.

So why shouldn't we catch it?!

In this free download you'll get everything you need to do just that. Along with wrybaby Dave's expert tips on getting the most from the experience! We're excited to help you make Candy Catchers your new seasonal tradition!"


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About this Wrybaby Halloween Candy Catcher:

- 3 fun activity pages
- Materials needed: 8.5" x 11" paper, a pen, a glue stick or tape, a tree or bush in the open air, Halloween spirit