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Animated Gifs | Bit Baby

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How We Describe this Shareable Animated Gifs.

"Our fun onesie for gamer parents, Player 3 Has Entered the Game, has always been a great baby shower gift. We took our Bit Baby illustration from that design and put him to work in animated gifs that you (or your new parent friends) can pop into their Facebook posts! We even made a bonus Live Action image to use a funny animated lock screen wallpaper on your iPhone X. It's easy! Just use our animated files just like you would a regular photo in Facebook, in your text messages, in anything you want! Like Dave's favorite one says, 'Gotta Bounce!'"

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About these Bit Baby Animated Gifs:

- 5 animates gif images, plus one bonus Live Action image to use as a Lock Screen wallpaper for your iPhone X
- All images © wrybaby
- Pairs nicely with this