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Audio Book | Safe Baby Handling Tips

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How We Describe the Safe Baby Handling Tips Audio Book.

Oh, you've seen our new parent instructions before. In 2005,our best-selling book, Safe Baby Handling Tips, was published. And over the years it's become  a classic baby shower gift and an insanely popular meme. Times may have changed, but baby care basics have not.

But new parents today are busier than ever. Who's got time to read a 17-page picture book anymore? That's why we decided to release Safe Baby Handling Tips as an audio book. Now even the busiest (or the blindest) new parent can learn the do's and don'ts of how to care for a baby. You'll hear all of our important tips read aloud in a way that captures perfectly the spirit of our helpful illustrations. Let us teach you how to care for a new baby, hands-free.

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About this Audio Book:

• Almost 5 minutes of helpful audio tips
• Professionally narrated by the authors, Kelly and David Sopp
• Download: 4.4MB mp3