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Craft | Pirate Spyglass

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How We Describe this Pirate Spyglass Craft.

"Here's how to turn an empty paper towel tube into hours of pirate adventure –  Tell your child they're the 'Pirate Captain' and you're the 'First Mate in charge of holding the Spyglass'. (Hey, you might even want to get these to get into character)Then, when they aren't looking, load the spyglass with a scene (let's say it's the iceberg one). Then, all exasperated, yell something like, 'CAPTAIN! I think we're off course and headed to the North Pole!'. Hand the spyglass over so they can see for themselves that you're about to go all Titanic. Once you've both steered clear, set up another scene and another exciting adventure!"

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About this DIY Paper Pirate Ship Craft:

• Two 8.5" x 11" printable PDFs (the Spyglass and the Scenes) plus detailed instructions on how to build the darn thing
• Materials needed: 8.5" x 11" paper, the ability to follow simple  instructions, a little imagination.
• This Shareable pairs nicely with this, this, or this