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DIY Printable | Pirate Dan

$ 4.99

How We Describe This DIY Printable.

"I love this form of comeback. For all the toughness this pirate exudes, his taunt is as childish as can be. Did you know that a Landlubber is defined as 'a person unfamiliar with the sea or sailing'? I always thought it was literally pirate-ese for 'land lover'. Anyways, I love that this hairy-chested tough guy loves his madre."

 David sopp author safe baby handling tips

What You Get

– Instant Download PNG
– Design sized to a 12" x 14" (may be easily scaled down for smaller uses)
– 300dpi (maximun resolution)
– File format and high resolution accepted by online printers such as Zazzle
– We recommend printing this graphic on a colored background (because of the white in the design).

Suggested Usage

– Funny baby bodysuit
– Cool dad gift
– Toddler t-shirt
– Boating enthusiast's phone case

Print Your Fun Download

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Terms of Use

You're allowed to use this DIY Printable for personal use only. You may NOT use this for commercial use or sell this design in any way. Wry Baby, LLC retains the copyright to this design and is vigilant in enforcing it. Due to the nature of this instant download digital product, this purchase is non-refundable. By purchasing this DIY Printable, you agree to these terms and conditions.