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Frameable | Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times

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How We Describe this Shareable.

"Imagine if old nursery rhymes (like, really old nursery rhymes) that weren't about ha'pennies or birds in pies or old dukes of whatever. Instead, what if they were about Skinny Chai Lattes, social media, or your dog getting you sued? That's what this Shareable is all about! Five modern nursery rhymes from author and illustrator, Mr. Dave. They're cute, funny, and actually relevant to the world you're baby's been brought in to. Best of all? Frameable for any nursery!"

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About the Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times Wall Art:

• 6-page PDF with introduction and 5 Frameable nursery rhymes
• Trim to fit 5 x 7 frame
• Not for commercial sale / Copyright Wry Baby, LLC