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Game | Nap Race!

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How We Describe this Shareable Game.

"Baby's down for a nap! That means one of you lucky parents gets a chance to take a well deserved nap of your own! But who gets it? Solve this dilemma quickly (and, I don't know, fun-ly?) with our Nap Time Game! Print it out, grab a quarter and two pennies – you're ready to race to the couch! Place your penny pieces, spin the quarter, and the first one to make it to the couch get's a little shut eye. Good luck, parents! And NO CHEATING!"

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About the Nap Time Game:

- One 8.5" x 11' printable game board with simple instructions
- Materials needed: 8.5" x 11" paper, a quarter, two pennies (to use as playing pieces), someplace for the winner to crash
- Pairs nicely with this, and this and probably this