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Greeting Card | Safe Baby Handling Tip - Nursing in Public

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How We Describe this Nursing in Public Greeting Card.

"You've found the perfect funny onesie gift for mom, (this, this, or maybe even this). Now finish it off with the perfect card! For free, even! Breastfeeding is awkward enough as it is without negotiating your baby, your blouse, your bag, and your boobies in public. Perfect fodder for a new Safe Baby Handling Tip not included in our book! Enjoy this FREE wrybaby exclusive!"

kelly sopp wrybaby funny onesies and baby bodysuits

About this DIY Greeting Card and Envelope:

- 1 DIY greeting card, and 1 DIY envelope
- Materials needed: 8.5" x 11" paper, fingers, white glue or a glue stick, and a pen
- Pairs nicely with this, this, and maybe this