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Journal | Mom's Fascinating Day

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How We Describe these Shareable Journal Pages.

"Being a mom is a full-time job. So much so that we created a sort of a mom timesheet so you could record how every hour of the day is willed with caring for your kid(s). Fill one out every week, month or every year. As your baby grows, you'll have a detailed record of what your life was like with a newborn. How could you forget? Trust me, I've been through it. It goes fast and feeding a baby every two hours gets replaced really quickly by something else just as taxing. Before you know it your journal pages will be filled with college tour appointments! Which is to say, this isn't just for new moms. It's for ALL moms!"

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About these New Family Journal Pages:

- Two 8.5" x 11' printable journal pages
- Materials needed: 8.5" x 11" paper, a pen, a child of some sort
- Pairs nicely with this, and this