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Journal | Time Capsule Cards - All About Dad

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How We Describe these Shareable Time Capsule Cards™.

"Hey, from one Dad to another – don't you wish there was more stuff about us? I mean, we're always sort of the unwitting foils for parental ineptitude, masculine insensitivity, and testosterone-driven incompetence. Heck, I wrote the book on it.

But DADS are as much of this parenting business as anyone else, and our individual, unique personalities are as influential as anyone else's. So this is your chance to cement what you're like right now. What do you stand for? What celebrities do you think This is all about you, Dude! Take the shot while you can!" 

About these Time Capsule Cards:

- Five printable journal cards, DIY envelope with dad-simple instructions
- Materials needed: 8.5" x 11" paper, a pen, a life outside wiping noses and butts