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Journal | Time Capsule Cards - All About Mom

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How We Describe these Shareable Time Capsule Cards™.

"Mom, this is all about you! Think of this as taking a snapshot of you right now. Jot down all your favorite stuff to do, see, eat, and feel. Then seal it up in our clever little DIY envelope. Someday your kids are going to want to know what you were into when you weren't wiping noses and butts! This is the second in our continuing series of Time Capsule Cards (this was the first). Join our email newsletter to know when more come out!"

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About these Time Capsule Cards:

- Five printable journal cards, DIY envelope with simple instructions
- Materials needed: 8.5" x 11" paper, a pen, a life outside wiping noses and butts
- Pairs nicely with this, and this