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Journal | Time Capsule Cards - The 2020 Pandemic

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How We Describe these Shareable Time Capsule Cards.

"Being a new parent is hard. Being a new parent in a pandemic? Don't get me started. But even though this is a terrible thing to go through, someday you're going to want to tell your kids about how you dealt with it. This set of cards helps you jot down your personal thoughts experiences, sacrifices, worries, and hopes. And we even designed a little DIY envelope for you to store them in (complete with a 'SEALED ON' date and 'DO NOT OPEN UNTIL' date). Capture a personal snapshot of your family during this unprecedented shit show."

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About these Time Capsule Cards:

- Five printable journal cards, DIY envelope with simple instructions
- Materials needed: 8.5" x 11" paper, a pen, a hazmat suit and a bucket of hand sanitizer
- Pairs nicely with this, and this