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The New Parents' Fun Book by Dave and Kelly Sopp

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The New Parents' Fun Book turns parenting into the ultimate fun-time activity. Complete with hilarious games, comical crafts and laughably solvable puzzles, this is one baby keepsake that will have you laughing yourself silly!

Inside: The Book of Firsts complete with achievement stickers, Nap Off Board Game (he who wins is he who naps), Family Tree Fold-out and much much more!

From Parents Magazine

Baby Book 2.0

When those blissful first days with your new babe give way to a three-day no-shower streak, this book will help you keep it all in perspective (trust us, it gets so much easier) with a little humor.

Not your mother's memory book, this memento is just like the activity books you grew up with. It includes connect-the-dots drawings, Mad Libs, and quizzes that help you record all those weird, awesome, and "so surreal you have to laugh" new-parent moments. Fill in the nickname maker-upper and curse-word crossword puzzle to pass the time during feedings—and when you're done you'll have a fun reminder of those first few bumbling months.

- Editors of, Great Gifts for New Moms & Moms-to-Be