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A Future Just for You! Mysterio Predicts your Baby's Destiny!

$ 6.99

How We Describe Mysterio's Picture Book.

A few years after Mysterio started predicting babies' futures, we started getting all kinds of questions – Who is Mysterio? How did you find him? Where does he live? What's his favorite color? So finally we decided he needed his own story. And being the amazing mystic he is, it had to be mysteriously wonderful.

Mysterio's children's picture book is funny, clever, and best of all inspirational. Because in the end there's a twist you'll want to experience with your baby over and over and over again. I won't spoil it. But you can for yourself by watching the complete story above. I hope you see yourself adding this little gem to your child's library.

Oh, and this children's book is also available in a special Mysterio gift set!

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About this children's picture book:

• 28 pages
• Softcover
• Pen & Ink Illustration
• Lithograph offset printing
• Printed in the USA
• Written and Illustrated by David and Kelly Sopp, authors of Safe Baby Handling Tips