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The Wrybaby Story

About wrybaby founders dave and kelly sopp

Wry Baby was born in the Summer of 2000 to a creative couple named Dave and Kelly Sopp. They nurtured Wry Baby, teaching it how to make unique, funny Snapsuits™ (their own word for a one-piece baby bodysuit). Dave and Kelly gave Wry Baby all their best ideas and made sure it got into all the best boutiques, magazines and TV shows (People, Time, Newsweek as well as Late Night with David Letterman and the Today Show).

Over the years, Wry Baby grew and began making all kinds of fun baby shower gifts. In 2005 Wry Baby wrote its first book called Safe Baby Handling Tips, which has become an annual best-seller and a popular internet meme. Dave and Kelly let Wry Baby have creative playdates with friends like Barney's NY, World Market and NBC. In 2006, Wry Baby conjured up its most popular creation, Mysterio Predicts, a mystic who magically predicts babies' futures (on cute little t-shirts). As an experiment, Wry Baby created a line of unique plush characters that stand up on their own. Stuf Friends came to life in 2010 and have since been sold in NY and SF MOMA, Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, Walker Art Center and the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Now over 20 years old, Wry Baby has stayed a vibrant young business that delivers fresh, inventive products year after year to special boutiques all around the world. Dave and Kelly are very proud and if you ask them, they’ll be happy to share lots of pictures and home movies of the little company they made together.

wrybaby founding family dave and kelly sopp

Dave, Kelly and their Boy - Wry Baby Founders