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Baby Blanket | Baby Burrito Swaddling Blanket

$ 29.99

How We Describe the Baby Burrito Swaddling Blanket.

"Hungry for a baby gift that's as practical as it is unique? Swaddling blankets make a great gift. Have you ever watched your sleeping grandpa suddenly jerk himself awake, arms flailing all over the place? Babies do that too. But when a baby is wrapped up all snug and tight, they'll sleep longer and more peacefully. But what makes our swaddling blanket different isn't how we made it just perfect (see below), it's how we made it look like a FAST FOOD BURRITO WRAPPER! We even put different markers on each corner so your baby can be Mild or Spicy, Grande or Pequeño. It's also pretty big, so if you do have a little Grande Supreme, we got you covered. You might need two or three to wrap your jerky old tired grandpa, but I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

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Wrybaby Baby Burrito Swaddling Blanket Features:

  • Our fun swaddling blanket’s fast food burrito wrapper design makes your baby look like, well, a fast food burrito! 
  • Single layer of plush, soft, breathable 100% cotton keep baby comfortable without overheating.
  • Generous 40” X 40” (101.6 x 101.6 cm) size is large enough to easily wrap or swaddle any size baby.
  • Makes a fun, practical unisex baby gift for swaddling, a sunshield, tummy time, privacy throw and more.
  • Machine washable (and only gets softer with every wash).
  • Every corner of this swaddling blanket is uniquely labeled so you can wrap your baby to be – Mild, Spicy, Pequeño, or Grande
  • We even include a helpful 4” X 6” card with simple instructions on how to wrap your baby


Well Made. Thoughtfully Designed.

  • Soft inks that allow for more breathability make our bodysuits more comfortable for a baby. We’re experts at screen printing with a light touch, and we never ever use heat transfers.
  • Soft natural fabric is our company standard. Cotton is naturally fire resistant, wicks moisture and is one of the few fabrics worthy of being against a baby’s skin.

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