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Unique Baby Gift | Mysterio's Fortune Teller Baby T-shirt

$ 18.95

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How We Describe Mysterio's Future-Telling Baby T-shirts.

"This is my favorite thing wrybaby ever created. It’s so silly! Mysterio builds you up to assume your baby will be a Doctor, a Lawyer, or some such lofty profession. But in reality, he’s got some fun tricks in his bag of futures! Of all his past totally unisex predictions, my personal favorite is Romance Novelist. Because who, WHO, ever dreams their child would become one!? But people DO.

I also love that people put Mysterio to so many creative uses – to break the ice at baby showers, to include in their gender reveals, or even to pop the news to a soon-to-be Pop. These baby tees also make an excellent keepsake. When your teenage daughter says she wants to be a lawyer, you can pull out Mysterio’s prediction and demand she fulfill her destiny as a Buffalo Rancher!"

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What will the FUTURE hold? Why wait to find out!?

Let Mysterio predict what fabulous future awaits YOUR baby!

Each soft & stretchy natural t-shirt comes completely sealed in a handsome cloth bag, to be opened when you are ready to reveal your baby's INCREDIBLE destiny! Fits 0-12 months.

Mysterio is so confident in his abilities, your prediction is GUARANTEED TO COME TRUE or your money back!*

  • A fun baby shower gift or reveal party stunt!  
  • A keepsake to treasure while awaiting the fulfillment of Mysterio's amazing prediction.

 Let Mysterio predict your baby's FUTURE today!

* A LOT of restrictions apply. Hilarious details inside package.