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Limited Edition Gift | Choose-Your-Own-Future Mysterio T-shirt

$ 19.95

How We Describe this Limited Edition Baby Gift Set

Fun Fact: Our best selling baby gift, Mysterio Predicts, changes every year or so. Oh, it's always a great baby t-shirt, but we like to switch up the futures to keep it fun and fresh for those who choose it as their go-to baby shower gift.

If you don't know already, Mysterio is a "blind bag" mystery gift – there are 12 possible futures you could get, but nobody knows what prediction is inside any of those sealed bags (not even me!).

For the first time in over 16 years, we're giving YOU the chance to be Mysterio by letting you choose the future you want to send!

But be warned! You won't be choosing from this years upcoming crop of 12 new futures. You'll be choosing a sampler from over 30 past futures. And when they're gone, they're gone for good!


funny baby clothing founder Dave Sopp

About Mysterio's Amazing Baby T-Shirts

What will the FUTURE hold? Why wait to find out!?

Let Mysterio predict what fabulous future awaits YOUR baby!

Each soft & stretchy natural t-shirt comes completely sealed in a handsome cloth bag, to be opened when you are ready to reveal your baby's INCREDIBLE destiny! Fits 0-12 months.

Limited Edition Details

• Choose the future you want!
• Every shirt ships in a kraft envelope with Mysterio's famous Guarantee Card
• Includes Gift Note with your name (see photo)
• Ships USPS First Class Mail – FREE (USA ONLY)