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Congratulations! It's an Athlete!

A 2023 study found that 70% of American men and women consider themselves sports fans. 

In 2021, there were 3,659,289 births in the US. 

Wrybaby is excited to introduce you (and America’s 2,561,502 sports fan babies) to our newest baby gift genius – Coach Finley.

Coach Finley is a multi-sport scouting legend who knows what it takes to win. He’s so good, he can spot a legend before they’re born! And Coach uses his gift at predicting athletic futures to create what some call the greatest sports-themed baby gift ever to take the field. Each prediction is printed on a soft baby sports jersey. Then it’s bagged up tight to keep it as secret as a championship game playbook. Baby showers become ‘Opening Day’ when the bag is clipped, Coach’s prediction is revealed…and the crowd goes wild!

We want you in Coach Finley’s line-up! You’ll be part of a cracker-jack retail team that gets special announcements, early access to pre-ordering, collectable promo materials, and much more! Let’s make sports history together!


Why Believe in Coach Finley?

Based on a Winning Strategy

Wrybaby is the G.O.A.T at creating truly original baby gifts. For the past decade, our Mysterio ‘blind bag baby gift’ concept has delighted parents (and gift boutiques) as our single, most successful SKU. Now, we have the chance to knock it out of the park with an even broader audience.

An All-Inclusive All-Star

Coach knows all the sports. And he can spot the potential in every type of athlete! There are 12 possible athletic futures to keep our fans guessing! It’s unlikely you’ll give the same prediction twice, which makes it an All-Star gift for repeat purchases.

Coach Finley Predicts