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Baby Gift Set | Mysterio Future-Predicting Baby T-shirt and Picture Book

$ 22.99

How We Describe this Unique Baby Gift Set

OK, there’s a lot to unpack here and it’s all good.

First off, if you don’t know anything about Mysterio and his amazing predictions of babies’ futures, then you gotta read below to get the full skinny on that (it’s worth it!). I’m so proud to pair our incredibly popular baby t-shirt with Mysterio's sweet, inspirational baby book. We had created Mysterio a while back and we always thought he deserved a backstory. SPOILER ALERT: We realized that what makes Mysterio such a funny baby gift is that NO ONE really knows what the future holds, but no matter what happens, you are 100% certain to be the person you are! And that’s something everyone is looking forward to.

funny baby clothing founder Dave Sopp

The Full Mysterio Baby T-Shirt Spiel

What will the FUTURE hold? Why wait to find out!?

Let Mysterio predict what fabulous future awaits YOUR baby!

Each soft & stretchy natural t-shirt comes completely sealed in a handsome cloth bag, to be opened when you are ready to reveal your baby's INCREDIBLE destiny! Fits 0-12 months.

Mysterio is so confident in his abilities, your prediction is GUARANTEED TO COME TRUE or your money back!*

  • A fun baby shower gift or reveal party stunt!  
  • A keepsake to treasure while awaiting the fulfillment of Mysterio's amazing prediction.

 Let Mysterio predict your baby's FUTURE today!

* A LOT of restrictions apply. Details inside package.

All About Mysterio's Inspirational Picture Book

What does the future hold? Why wait, when you can know now!

IN THIS MAGICAL TALE, the mystic Mysterio whisks you and your baby into THE FUTURE! Mysterio reveals a hilarious sampling of life's possibilities before predicting your child's amazing, TRUE DESTINY!

28 page Softcover, Pen & Ink Illustration. Lithograph offset printing, in the USA.